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Who is Adia Wright?

With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry Adia Wright, owner of It's Not About the Nails, a holistic nail care business was compelled to  transition from a corporate career to operating her own holistic nail care business. In 2015, she launched It's Not About The Nail's which allows her to serve her clients through customized nail sessions for healing, physical restoration, and mental renewal. As a little girl Adia had a love for helping others. She knew early on she was called to the beauty industry, and would not be fulfilled until she was doing what she loved. With a spirit to serve, a  love for people and the beauty industry, Adia is exactly where she's meant to be. Being a business owner has allowed her to share her gifts with others. She describes her experience as an entrepreneur as both successful and rewarding. Her passion for the nail care industry compelled her to become a licensed nail care professional .Together, Adia’s unique gifts and her experience as a nail care professional, business owner and nail care educator have made her an asset to the beauty industry. As 2020 unfolds look for her upcoming book that every woman will want to read before going to the salon. Beauty products for nail techs, continue education classes and pop up toe readings.

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